Q: What size budgets have you worked on? 

A: We have experience producing films with budgets as low as $150,000 and as high as $8.5 million. We have acted as a service production company for projects as high as $125 million.


Q: What is a script breakdown?

A: A script breakdown is used to analyze every component of a screenplay for budgeting and scheduling purposes. Each page\scene element is entered into Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling software programs to extrapolate the necessary picture for a detail schedule and line item budget. 


Q: Why do I need a board and budget to finance my film?

A: In order for a production to raise capital or receive the greenlight, it is essential that the true costs of a film be presented by a reputable production company.


Q: Do you accept all projects that are submitted?

A: No, though we encourage all filmmakers to pursue their passion and dreams, we are very selective about the projects we work on. 


Q: Can you help me secure distribution for my film?

A: Monolith Pictures has strong relationships with all the major sales agencies and major distributors and are able to connect filmmakers with potential distribution partners. 


Q: How much do your services cost.

A: Every script and project is different from the next, our pricing is established based on the projects budget and amount of time needed to prepare the materials. A low budget non-union independent film will require far less resources than a 15M period picture shooting in multiple countries.


Q: How do film tax credits work? Can I get one for my film?

A: Film tax credits vary from country to country and state by state. We advise almost all projects to build tax incentives into their business plan as they can be a major component to getting a picture financed and\or mitigating investors capital at risk. We are experts in worldwide film tax incentives and can prepare a detailed tax credit analysis for your project.